It’s SoTru: Who We Are

At SoTru we source the finest whole superfoods on the planet, then unlock the plants full nutritional potency using the ancient art of fermentation, creating the most easily digestible and bioavailable products possible for your optimal health and vitality.

We take every measure to create a vertically-enabled, and sustainably-responsible company dedicated to vibrant health and well-being.

Become An Affiliate – How It Works

By becoming a valued affiliate partner, you can easily leverage your audience, Website, e-mail list, blog, social media, and other channels to share what you love about our products, and earn a commission. Our desire is to make it easier to increase traffic conversion and drive higher revenue and a return to you.  Our affiliate partner team is here to support and help.

Simple & Easy

Joining our Affiliate program is fast, easy, and simple to start earning additional revenue!

All you need to do is submit your application for our team to review, and once approved, we will provide the tools, support, and assets you need to build additional revenue streams for our business.

Program Benefits:

  • All certified organic, NON- GMO, Gluten-Free, No Sugar Added, Vegan, Soy Free
  • Competitive commission rates
  • Dedicated Support
  • Product and Sales reporting
  • Creative content, assets, and links provided

Program Details

Commission Rate: 10% which we will double for the first 60 days

Cookie Duration:  90 Days

Terms: Online marketing that directly competes with SoTru in search and shop engines is prohibited. Trademark + Keyword and direct linking is allowed.

Payment and Pending Sales Period

Pending Sales Period: 60 Days

Payment Date: 20th of each month

Pending Sales Period: Payments will be net of any deductions for returns or other fees. Our Customers have (30) thirty days to return and an additional (30) thirty days to exchange and finalize their order, exclusive of any defects which we will honor beyond. During this time period, the order status is defined as zero (0) days. In order to accommodate the 60 (sixty) day allowance for our customers’ satisfaction, orders will be in a Pending Status for 60 (sixty) days from the original order date, and during that time any returns will be voided from your commissions.

Notable Terms

SoTru has teamed up with to offer a simple affiliate sign up process so that you can begin earning commission payment from your website and affiliate links as soon as possible.

Please Note: Affiliate applications are reviewed by our staff for acceptance, and you will typically receive an email from us within 3 working days from the time that you confirm your application.

Our Affiliate Team will review your site for the following things in order to accept you into our network.

  • Quality site design
  • Top-Level-Domain (i.e., (not required but recommended)
  • Website language (We only accept sites in English)
  • Prospective ability of your site, social media, etc. to drive traffic to our website.
  • Disallowed sites include: any illegal, porn, hate, etc…. on your site, or on-site that you link to or post on.
  • Other miscellaneous considerations as summarized in the ShareASale Affiliate Terms of Use.

Decisions made by ShareASale and SoTru staff about membership applications are final, but you are free to re-apply if you wish in the future, should your application not be accepted. Please provide as much detail as possible when applying so that we can review your application accurately.

Affiliate Terms of Use


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