Calcium & Magnesium for Bone Health

Calcium and Magnesium help to promotes bone growth, density, and strength.
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Calcium and Magnesium help to promotes bone growth, density, and strength.
This formula includes potassium and is the perfect complement to our multi vitamin and mineral supplements. These essential elements require a delivery system to ensure proper absorption. Our Calcium and Magnesium formula is an amino acid chelate form of minerals, meaning it combines minerals with amino acids to enhance mineral absorption, utilization, and safety. Calcium is vital to muscle contraction and maintains the structure of bones and teeth. Magnesium functions primarily as an enzyme activator in more than 300 enzyme reactions including energy production, bone and muscle structure, and muscle relaxation. Potassium, an essential electrolyte, aids in the maintenance of water balance and supports the heart, muscles, kidneys, adrenal, and nerve function.**

The Highlights

  • Calcium & Magnesium as amino acid chelates provide enhanced absorption, efficacy, & safety.**
  • Calcium & Magnesium build bones & are active in muscle functions.**
  • Calcium, Magnesium, along with otassium, support cardiovascular health.**
  • Magnesium plays an essential role in metabolic enzyme functions.**
  • Perfect mineral support for athletes.**


Dairy Free

Gluten Free

Sugar Free


Quality Lies in the Details

For peace of mind, all products are manufactured in a GMP, NSF, UL & Organic certified facility

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