Can you remember the last time that you spontaneously evoked the statement “That’s SO True!”

Did it take you by surprise how effortlessly, automatic and enthusiastically you responded? How did it make you feel? Chances are, you experienced clarity and alignment of your Heart, Body, Mind, and Soul — the affirmation of this profound self-truth.

Clean, green, whole food nutrition for your best self.

Born from the desire to offer honest, clean, green, whole-food supplements infused with organic and fermented ingredients, SoTru provides a cornucopia of life-enhancing vitamins, minerals, plant proteins and phytonutrients that support you in being your best.

We aspire to create products so truly profound in their wholesomeness, purity and nutritional potential that we become “SOTRU” in your Heart, Body, Mind, and Soul!

Living SoTru