Holiday Gift Guide 2019 – The Fitness Edition

Shopping for the fitness lover in your life? Or maybe you’re just shopping for yourself. Either way, finding the right workout gift this holiday season is no easy feat. We’re here to make your life easier with the best gift ideas of 2019 – fitness edition of course! 

From stocking stuffers to personalized fitness gifts, our Holiday Gift Guide 2019 is chock full of gift ideas to give fitness lovers the upgraded workout they really want this season. So grab your gift box and wrapping paper, and get ready to shop!

  1. Beauty Bag Packed with Must Haves

Beauty never goes out of style! That’s why #1 on our Holiday Gift Guide 2019 is your own personalized beauty bundle. Shop the beauty section at your local store and pick up an oversized makeup bag. Then stuff it with all the best gift ideas 2019 that promote beauty: PlantFusion Collagen Builder, PlantFusion Collagen Beauty, PlantFusion Vegan Vitamins and Minerals, mud and mineral face scrubs and masks, all-natural lotion with SPF, and a vegan bronzer to enhance that natural glow. You don’t even need wrapping paper or a gift box for this one – just plop on a big, sparkly bow! 


  1. Meal Delivery Service

Give the gift of not having to cook or prepare meals this holiday season. Check out your local meal delivery services that offer a variety of dietary preferences, tastes and price points. Whether you or your loved one is looking to lose weight, build muscle, or just get healthy there are options to fit your needs. And while consistency is key, so is convenience! Check another person off your list with a gift certificate for meal delivery services. 

  1. All Purpose Reusable Water Bottle

This fitness gift is a total no-brainer, and nearly every holiday gift guide 2019 will have a reusable water bottle on the top of the list. They keep water uber cold and refreshing for hours upon hours after you fill it. Plus, if your resolution is to drink more water, keeping a jug by your side 24/7 will remind you to drink up! Grab this Rose Gold PlantFusion bottlethat your fitness lover will go gaga over! 


  1. Sweat Proof, Wireless Headphones

Every fit-minded person needs a set of sweat-proof, wireless earbuds. Because everybody knows turning up your favorite jams during a workout could take your sweat sesh to a whole other level. And that’s why sweat proof, wireless earbuds are one of our Top 10 workout gifts on our Holiday Gift Guide 2019. Make sure the pair you choose are wireless – this means there’s no wires between the earpiece and your smartphone or iPod. This frees up your range of motion and prevents bouncing wires with each step. In addition, sweat proof means when the sweat starts pouring there will be no slippage, or worse, corrosion over time from moisture. The next thing to consider is color, style, size and battery life. Earbuds or headphones? Blue or purple? Whatever you choose, this fitness gift is a true winner when the wrapping paper comes off.


  1. Home Workout Equipment

Make room under the tree for gadgets and gizmos that help your fitness lover reach their health and fitness goals. Treadmills, spin bikes, suspension systems oh my! No more excuses, here’s a list of workout essentials for your home gym – no membership required: weighted arm bands, suspension system, weighted jump rope, resistance bands, medicine balls, dumbbells, kettlebells, exercise step, yoga/exercise mat, sliders, treadmill, spin bikes, and pull up bar.
  1. Fitness Watch

Grab your gift box – this gift for fitness lovers will dazzle everyone in the room! Fitness trackers do more these days than count your steps. They’re essentially smart watches with the capability to sync with your smart phone, map your run (using gps), monitor your sleep and your heart rate, count steps and stairs, and so much more.


  1. Gym Bag

The right gym bag will not only make a statement, but also be fully capable of transporting your fitness necessities to and from the fitness center, studio, or gym. You may even need something that doubles as a work-bag, overnight bag, backpack, carryon bag, or any other kind of bag someone might need throughout the day. Say goodbye to plain duffel bags of the past, and focus on these 3 things when shopping for your fitness lover’s new gym bag: material (leather, canvas and nylon are popular), design (big, small, lots of pockets, etc.) and handles (straps, backpack style, over the shoulder, etc.).

  1. Personal Blender with Protein Powder

Personal blenders and their space saving design are perfect for people who never miss their morning smoothie. Take this gift to the next level by including a bundle of PlantFusion Complete Protein packets in Rich Chocolate, Creamy Vanilla Bean, Red Velvet Cake, Cookies and Cream, and Natural – No Stevia. 


  1. Stocking Stuffers

Continue the fitness gifts theme this year even for your stocking stuffers! Think small, useful items like hair ties, dry shampoo, PlantFusion protein packets, moisture wicking socks, makeup remover face wipes, small shaker bottle, kinesiology tape, handheld massager, etc. 

  1. Online Workout App Subscription

Getting to the gym can be challenging at times, especially if you have a demanding job and/or kids at home. Gifting your fitness lover with a workout app subscription (pay monthly or yearly and often purchase a gift certificate) means they can workout when it’s convenient for them and in the comfort of their own home (if desired). Plus, guided workouts are like personal training sessions that take the guesswork out allowing you to focus on your fitness goals and getting a good workout.