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Great multivitamin

Good organic products and a very good price.

Back for more

This is my second batch of the 5 Lbs Plant Fusion chocolate protein powder. The taste is great, as is its texture and mixability. I prepare it with my homemade oat milk, one banana, mixed berries and spinach. Keep the price reasonable and I will continue buying it.

I placed an order that had allowed me to put 20 packs in my cart for the 8$ shipping when I received my order it only had 2 packs. If I would have known this I would have not ordered.

Large pills

Pills too large for me. Please cancel auto ship. Thanks,

I've been trying different plant protein powders recently, and this is my favorite! The powder is so fine, so it's the least grainy powder I've tried. Vanilla bean is nice, and I'm looking forward to trying more flavors.

It’s super gift 🎁

my brother has been sick often lately, and I decided to give him vitamins, I chose these because I love this boend. These vitamins have an excellent composition. When he received the gift he was very happy, because it turned out he loved them too!!

Great price and quality

Good quality and price

Plant fusion rich chocolate protein

This is really the best protein mix I’ve ever tried. It mixes up smooth without a blender.
I will be continuing to order it again. Excellent product!

Great stuff! Mixes up like a milkshake and tastes like one too! But it’s healthy!! Love it!

Perfect vegan collagen powder

This is my favorite vegan collagen supplement. Love how it has no added sugar + it tastes fantastic. Very smooth texture. The sweetener choice is nice too. These sample packets are convenient and would be amazing for travel use.

Good taste, pretty easy to mix.

First time user

Excellent taste vanilla bean! It’s surprisingly good!

The Best Protein Out There!

PlantFusion is the smoothest protein powder I have ever had. The flavor is subtle, and works well in just water, or mixed with soymilk, banana, greens, hemp seeds, and berries.. The amino acid profile is ideal and the perfect compliment to my day as a vegan athlete.

Really good product

I recommend this vegan protein powder because it tastes great, easily dissolves in water, and I think it does help reduce hunger. I like that it's vegan. I have purchased other protein powders from other companies, and I like this one the best. I would recommend it.

Tastes great would repurchase .

This one is my favorite ❤️

I love the Inspire for women! It blends great in my shaker bottle and has a good flavor. I can’t wait for it after my yoga :) I appreciate that it is plant based and has ingredients I personally was needing in my diet like the pomegranate ❤️

Nice Product

Colossal waste of container. The container is only 1/3 full with the beet powder. What’s up with that? This humongous size of a container also reduce space when traveling. The scoop can’t even reach the bottom of the container. Plant fusion need to urgently address this inconvenience. Otherwise a good fermented beet powder.

plant fusion powder

provide more flavors

Mushrooms + Protein Powder
Susan Wasser
Tastes Good and High Nutrition Value

I have been using Plant Fusion Women's Protein for quite a while and added Mushroom powder because of the nutritional value.
I am currently using Chocolate but may try Vanilla as well.
It is tasty and a convenient way to add Mushroom Power to your diet

Calcium- good contents, difficult to swallow

Very glad I discovered Fusion as it contains what I was looking for in a calcium supplement . I do find that the tablets are large and not easy to swallow. A capsule might be a better packaging.

Pretty tasty

The PlantFusion Collagen Builder was decently tasty. I add it to my fruit and yogart smoothie. It's a little chalky, but not too bad. It's definitely a daily habit that is good and good for me.


I was anxious to try this product. Unfortunately, the tablets are really hard to swallow. At least for me. I tried cutting them in half but that doesn’t seem to help much either. I’ve decided to crush them up and add them to my fruit smoothie until I’ve use them all up. Not what you’re supposed to do, but they are rather costly and I can’t let them go to waste.

Mushrooms + Protein Powder

I love the mushroom + protein powder! I’ve been getting the chocolate flavor and it’s delicious! A little on the sweeter side, but the overall flavor is really great. I like to mix it with almond milk for a thinner consistency, or with soy milk for a thicker shake that also has more protein. Sometimes I like to add hemp hearts or a banana as well depending on when I plan to drink it. It can be a great breakfast option or a mid-afternoon snack if I feel like I need a boost. It mixes well and I Love all of the natural ingredients, mushrooms, and adaptogens. My husband likes it too over other protein shakes as they tend to be gritty. My daughter’s favorite is the vanilla flavor so she can blend with berries and other fruit.

Love, love, love this protein powder!

I have been using this for over 4 years and it is the best! The flavor is excellent and so satisfying. Yum!