Meditation for Beginners - How to Get Started on a Meditation Journey

Meditation is not a new practice. This ancient art of relaxation and clarity has long been thought of as a way to take care of the body and mind. However, modern-day stresses combined with the sometimes mounting annual craze of the holiday season is more than enough reason to take time to refocus on the most important gift of all - mental and physical health. 

Read on below to learn more about how setting aside just a few moments a day to meditate could bring winter wellness! 

Find the Right Meditation Style

All meditation is not the same. In fact, there are many different styles. Each one is unique and helps to bring about a variety of health benefits. A quick web search can prompt an overwhelming amount of results on types of meditation, so here is a list of the top practices for relaxation.

  • Guided meditation

    A great style for beginners, as the name suggests, the practice is guided. For some, this allows for a total clearing of the mind. As someone else takes over instruction, it's easy to focus on what is important to you during meditation. Whether you hope to relax, find clarity, or to reconnect with your body and mind, there are plenty of guided meditation options to choose from.

  • Mindfulness meditation

    This type of meditation can be done at any point of the day. The goal is to train your thoughts and your mind in order to become more mindful of the present. When looking to find a more positive mindset and outlook, this is sure to help. To participate, be 100% in the moment. Be thoughtful about your surroundings and the task at hand. It can be difficult at first, so natural, focused breathing and closed eyes can be helpful to focus on how your body and mind are feeling. This brings a calm sensation and renewed appreciation for the now.

  • Loving-kindness meditation

    The winter months often bring about more time with family and can sometimes lead to stressful situations. This form of meditation is a way to bring feelings of goodwill and positivity towards others and yourself. Focus on finding peace and sending loving feelings towards the people you care for. This style can truly be done however it fits best into your life. However, as with most meditation, it helps to have time to be alone. Take deep breaths and focus on the positive feeling and love you hope to inspire within yourself.

  • Movement meditation

    Incorporating physical activity, this style can be utilized during any kind of gentle movement. From a brisk walk to yoga, taking time to reflect through action is great for people who find comfort while wandering. While you move, focus on whatever it is you hope to bring into your body and mind.

  • Body scan meditation

    Using this practice, take time to sit and reflect on the body. How does it feel? Are there any locations with tension or pain? Focus on relaxing muscles and releasing the tension that may have built up throughout the day. This style is especially beneficial to people who experience chronic pain and can be helpful before bed.

Top Health Benefits of Meditation

The health benefits of meditation are bountiful, but here are a few pertinent reasons to invest time in this daily time of reflection.

  1. Re-focus on the present moment 

    In our busy lives, it's easy to get caught up on the next best thing. What's the next big project at work, or what events do we need to plan for next? Making the time to re-focus on the present brings about feelings of thanks for what is happening in the now.

  2. Stress-management 

    It can sometimes be difficult to set aside time to check-in with stress. Stress can have a long list of negative effects on the body and mind, so it's important to find ways to manage it effectively. Meditation is a great way to evaluate stress and to find ways to actively work through it.

  3. Boost creative thinking

    Thinking creatively is important for personal and professional growth. Taking the time to think through a problem or need can lead to new and creative solutions and plans!

  4. Release negative emotions and thoughts 

    Unaddressed negative emotions tend to grow. Recognizing these emotions, allowing yourself to feel them and then, allowing yourself to let them go is a great way to bring positivity and happiness into your life.

  5. Build tolerance for daily frustrations

    Every day brings new highs and new lows. And life is often about how we handle them both. Frustrations and difficult moments are a part of life and through meditation, you can find healthy ways to deal with the moments that frustrate you most. This leads to a happier and calmer disposition.

  6. Find perspective 

    No matter the situation, it can always be beneficial to see things from a new perspective. This can bring clarity to your feelings, important situations, and your relationships with those around you.

  7. Reconnect with your body 

    On the go, it can be easy to keep moving. When you take the time to truly reconnect with yourself, it can reveal new longings, desires, and goals. Additionally, it may alert you to issues in your body and mind that need work or attention.

  8. Build a positive internal relationship 

    The most important relationship we can have is a positive one with ourselves. Building a positive internal relationship can make you feel more confident and even make it easier to connect with others.

  9. Clarify personal goals and aspirations 

    Reevaluating goals and aspirations is a great way to ensure that you're on the path to becoming your best self by achieving the things you truly want in your life! Taking time daily or weekly to clarify wants and needs through meditation can ensure that you get there quickly and efficiently.

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