Best Mushroom for Anxiety: The Protein Connection

With so many of us nowadays seeking refuge from the stress and demands of our busy schedules, it’s no wonder that ancient, natural remedies are rapidly increasing in popularity. One such remedy are medicinal or “functional” mushroom supplements. But it’s not just any mushroom that will help combat these natural stressors, but specific varieties containing powerful properties impacting quality of life.

What are medicinal/functional mushrooms?

Functional or medicinal mushrooms are a type of fungi that contain unique properties that offer a wide variety of benefits that can improve your health. Used throughout history in multiple cultures, they are now becoming more known in our modern society for their effects on your mental and physical well-being. These powerful mushrooms possess antioxidant, adaptogenic, immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory qualities that can make a huge difference in the way your brain and body works, making a major impact on your quality of life. Be sure to look for mushroom supplements that come from fruiting bodies, as the body of the mushroom is where you’ll find the magic compounds such as beta-glucans.

Effects of mushroom supplements on your mental health

Though stress is caused by many lifestyle factors like work/life balance, sleep, physical activity or financial stress... an often overlooked cause is diet. Poor nutrition can cause issues such as blood sugar fluctuating, inflammation, energy levels and hormonal imbalances. This cause and effect throw a major wrench in having healthy stress levels, tipping the scale towards anxiety and low mood.

Studies show that anxiety has been associated with a reduced amount of antioxidant levels. When your antioxidant levels are low, this causes oxidative stress. Functional mushrooms can help improve mood by reducing oxidative stress. This process is a lifesaver for those looking for a natural remedy to stabilize mood while improving focus and clarity.

Best mushrooms for anxiety?

Lions mane is most well-known for calming anxiety and improving cognition. It may help increase nerve growth and boost crucial brain chemicals like serotonin (a neurotransmitter responsible for mood regulation and memory) and dopamine (a neurotransmitter and pleasure sensor) both which are essential for the brain. Along with growth of brain cells, it has also been found to reduce inflammation.

Cordyceps is considered a part of the adaptogen family and has been used to help reduce fatigue and increase energy levels.  It regulates the body’s stress response and increases vitality. Cordyceps may improve the delivery of oxygen to cells, which in turn enhances performance and endurance.

Reishi is a type of functional mushroom and is also considered an adaptogen. This means it can help you cope with stress more effectively. As a anti-inflammatory and antioxidant it helps reduce inflammation which can lower the risk of chronic stress protects cells from oxidative damage (a main cause of anxiety).

Benefits of combining mushroom powder and protein

Remember when we talked about how your diet can influence not only your mental but physical health? This is an often-forgotten aspect when looking for a solution to brain health issues. You can try everything under the sun to improve your mood and mindset, but if you aren’t giving your body the proper nutrition you may be falling short. Adding a protein powder to your daily routine not only promotes muscle building and recovery, but also balances hormones, improves sleep, and manages weight. You may have heard that starting your morning with a high protein breakfast gives you a foundation for better health… Now what if you add in the perks of mushrooms and adaptogens?

The Mind + Body Connection

PlantFusion’s Mushrooms+Protein is the first total mind and body protein powder, giving you a sense of serenity and focus. 10 individual mushrooms, along with 5 adaptogens are blended in a complete vegan protein powder that features 18 grams of high-density organic plant-based protein from pea, amaranth and quinoa providing a complete amino acid profile for maximum uptake. By combining these powerful ingredients, you can boost your brain while giving yourself sustainable energy that lasts throughout your day. One scoop of this great tasting mushrooms+protein can be added to a smoothie, mixed with water. Mushroom coffee? Absolutely!  

In conclusion,Mushrooms+Protein" by PlantFusion is a game-changer in the realm of wellness products. It brings together the best of mushroom supplements and vegan protein, offering a unique combination of mushroom varieties and adaptogens that work in harmony to provide a sense of calm and clarity. With its unsurpassed taste and focus on cognitive health and immunity, it’s one of the best additions to your diet and daily routine.