Power Up Your Resolution with PlantFusion

Already having trouble staying on top of your New Year goals? We’re only a week into 2020 and the resolution struggle is real! Having an idea of what you want to accomplish is easy; finding a healthy balance while trying to live a healthy lifestyle and making your goals happen is the real challenge. Let PlantFusion help power up your resolutions to make sure you’re staying strong. If you made weight loss, overall wellness, burn more body fat, and/or reduce stress part of your resolutions, we have the perfect PlantFusion product that can help!


Weight Loss

It’s no surprise “lose weight” is one of the most popular New Year Resolutions; Americans are constantly looking for the faster way to fat loss. Only problem is most people don’t know where to start. Living a healthy lifestyle and finding a healthy balance between losing weight and not depriving yourself is not easy. If the thought of another diet or a ton of exercise immediately makes you want to eat, you’re not alone. Supplementing with PlantFusion’s Complete Lean can give you the upper hand you need when trying to lose weight. 

Complete Lean is easy to digest and is enhanced with clinically proven EcoLean™ – a unique blend of plant-derived pea proteins that support vegan weight loss. Not only does Complete Lean protein help accelerate fat loss, it also helps reduce recovery time after a strenuous workout, helps fuel muscle building, reduces inflammation, and helps to keep you full and satisfied after a meal. Plus, fueling up with Complete Lean helps sustain energy, control blood sugar, and curb hunger.


Burn Fat 

Shedding excess body fat is a great New Year resolution, especially considering abdominal fat is related to an increased risk of heart disease and other chronic diseases. That means that if you burn extra fat off your frame you’re improving your overall health. But burning fat is not always as easy as it sounds. There are vegan weight loss supplements that can help you on the path to the faster way to fat loss. PlantFusion’s Fast Fats Refresher and Booster – two more awesome products for vegan weight loss - are a great place to start! 

PlantFusion’s Fast Fats Refresher is a light and refreshing beverage that’s chock-full of healthy fats and amino acids that provide your body with fuel for fat loss while on a keto diet. Its key ingredient Caprylic Acid is derived from MCT oil, and provides the brain with fast energy by increasing ketone levels quickly. While PlantFusion’s Fast Fats Booster – a premium grade MCT powder - boosts ketone levels even more rapidly. Both products, on their own or paired together, will ensure optimal fat burning when your body is in ketosis.


Overall Wellness 

Living a healthy lifestyle goes beyond eating a plant-based diet and exercising more. It’s about overall wellness and taking a holistic approach to healthy living. One of the best New Year resolutions is to focus on overall wellness – and that means sustaining energy, fueling with nourishing foods, staying hydrated, and limiting outside toxins like tobacco and alcohol. 

Try incorporating PlantFusion’s Complete Protein into your daily routine to boost overall health and wellness. The proteins found in Complete Protein, like artichoke, amaranth, quinoa, algae and pea, help reduce inflammation while boosting energy and keeping hunger pangs at bay. Plus, it’s easy to digest, 100% plant-based and is certified Non GMO, Gluten Free and Vegan. 


Reduce Stress 

Stress wreaks havoc on our bodies in more ways than we realize. Making a point to reduce stress in the New Year is a great way to help you find the healthy balance you’re striving for. While work can be stressful, so is home and social life. Sometimes a little help in the stress-relief area is needed – that’s where PlantFusion’s Inspire for Women plant-based shake comes in handy. Hormones play a crucial role in how much stress our body endures. Balancing hormones with ingredients like l-theanine and ashwagandha found in Inspire can help reduce inflammation, promote muscle gain and repair, boost energy and metabolism, all while reducing stress – score! 


Living a healthy lifestyle means supporting your goals with nutrients that accelerate your efforts to lose weight, burn fat, reduce stress and just encompass overall wellness. Complete your healthy balance arsenal with PlantFusion’s Complete Lean, Complete Protein, Fast Fats Refresher and Booster, and the latest to join the lineup Inspire for Women.


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