Seven Questions You Should Ask Your Supplement Brand

Imagine you suddenly feel ill (we pray you don’t!).  You go to the doctor but the doctor won’t actually see you.  Instead, the doctor will only talk to you through the door.  What!!!  Strange, right?  You want to know your doctor.  Did she go to medical school?  How long has she been practicing?  Can she be trusted?  You may also want to talk to others who have gone to this doctor to see what their experience was like.  That’s never going to happen if your doctor is hiding behind a door. 

Surprisingly, when it comes to supplements, many companies are hiding behind this same imaginary door.  This could be a website, or a social media page, or an Amazon store.  As consumers, how do we know whether these people are qualified to make the health supplements that you and I are going to consume into our bodies?  The fact is, the vast majority of nutritional supplement products on the shelves today are not actually produced by the brands who sell them.  The development and manufacturing is left to an anonymous 3rd party.  By 3rd party, I mean a separate manufacturing company who you likely don’t know and have no way to contact.  So the doctor is definitely hiding behind the door in this case.  Would you trust that?


The Most Important Ingredient is Authenticity

We pride ourselves on the fact that we are not like other brands.  We’ve put in the time and energy over many decades to develop the capabilities needed to create our own products.  This includes both the processes and the team of people necessary to do everything from ingredient research and sourcing, testing, and natural flavor development.  Plus, earn all of the certifications necessary to become a full-scale organic producer of 100% plant-based nutritional supplements.  This is all so that we can be completely accountable to our customers.  

In fact, as I sit here at my desk writing this, there is a new batch of Complete Protein Creamy Vanilla Bean being manufactured just downstairs in our Organic Certified, FDA inspected facility. Once all the ingredients are meticulously blended together, and before the powder is bottled and packaged, a QA Technician awaits to collect a sample to conduct a sensory evaluation for all PlantFusion team members. This is just one example of how involved we are with each step of creating our products. Not too different from the way a chef oversees every aspect of a meal prepared for restaurant guests.  We put the same attention and care into the creation of all of our products.


The 7 Questions To Ask Your Supplement Brand

If you want to find out whether the nutritional supplements you take are produced by qualified experts who have basic proficiency, here is a list of questions to ask them.  **Note – these are carefully worded to prevent the person on the other end of the phone from side-stepping and/or giving you vague answers.  Or worse, deflecting the question altogether.  Honestly, these are pretty straightforward, so if the people you’re talking to can’t answer most of them, or is stumbling badly in the conversation, I would suggest looking elsewhere for your nutrition.

  1. Does your company own its own manufacturing facility where you produce the products yourself, or do you work with 3rd party manufacturers (aka: co-manufacturers) to produce them?
  • PF Answer: Yes, our manufacturing facility and office building are located in the same place!


  1. Do you know where your ingredients are grown, country and state?
  • PF Answer: Yes, through our Select Source™ process each and every ingredient is traceable to specific growing regions selected for soil quality and nutrient density.


  1. Do you select those ingredients yourself or do you allow your co-manufacturer to select them?
  • PF Answer: Yes, of course! We don’t work with co-manufacturers here and wouldn’t want it any other way. All sourcing is done by PlantFusion team members who are dedicated and passionate leaders in this industry for over 30 years.


  1. What type of testing do your ingredients go through to ensure that they are authentic and free of harmful allergens?
  • PF Answer:The answer is “genetic identity testing” often referred to as PCR testing, which all of our ingredients are screened for. Very often a company will cite an organic or non-GMO certification but, believe it or not, organic doesn’t mean pure.


  1. I want to make sure products are produced and tested by GMP, Quality Assurance trained technicians. Can you offer this information?  What is the address of your research and testing facility? (Make sure it matches address on their website!)
  • PF Answer: Yes, all PlantFusion employees go through continuous GMP training and all Quality Technicians follow strict regulations set by the FDA.


  1. What are your “manufacturing facility” certifications?
  • PF Answer: Our facility is:
    • USDA Certified Organic through QAI National Organic Program
    • NSF Certified,the gold standard of GMP registration
    • Natural Products Association (NPA) UL GMP Certified, organized exclusively to stimulate and support research, education and knowledge regarding dietary supplements and nutritional foods, improving public health
    • Members of AHPA, which represents the finest growers, processors, manufacturers, and marketers of botanical and herbal products
    • Non-GMO –each of our products goes through Non-GMO Project Verification.


  1. Who does the taste testing of your products to ensure safety, consistency, and flavor?
  • PF Answer: Through our Flavor Pure™ process we conduct in-house taste tests through different levels of Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Product Development. This ensures consistent blending and outstanding taste. All feedback is noted and if changes need to be made (even the slightest for taste preference) they are sent straight back to the in-house lab for improvements. This is our way of continuously bringing value to our shakes!


“Transparency” Shouldn’t Just Be a Marketing Buzzword

You have the right to know where your nutritional products are coming from and how they are made.  This is so important to us and our customers, that we created a formal process around it that we call our “Purity Promise”.  We print this on every bottle and while it’s largely based upon the questions above, it also includes more than a dozen different factors that all contribute to the quality and safety of the products that we create.

If you have a minute, we would love you to watch this quick video from our founder on the Purity Promise.  Just click here to watch

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