Strawberry Lemonade Beauty Mocktail

This mocktail is perfect for a special occasion, or to make any day feel just a little bit more special...all while boosting your beauty from within with PlantFusion vegan Collagen Beauty!


1 scoop PlantFusion Collagen Beauty in Strawberry Lemonade

2 oz cold water 

12 oz cold, unflavored seltzer


  1. Pour 2 oz of cold water into a shaker cup.

  2. Add one scoop of PlantFusion Collagen Beauty in Strawberry Lemonade and shake vigorously until the powder has completely dissolved.

  3. Pour into your favorite mocktail glass and top with seltzer. 

  4. Optional: garnish with fresh strawberries and/or lemon wedge. 

  5. Enjoy!