5 Reasons We Use Pea Protein
Instead of Rice Protein

Allergen Friendly

Free of common allergens pea protein is great for those suffering from common food allergens such as dairy, wheat, soy, and egg.

Easily Digestible

It's easy for your body to process, making it better for your gut and you get the most protein and nutrients available. Not to mention no bloating!

Contains More BCAAs

Pea protein contains a full amino acid profile where as rice protein lacks all nine BCAAs. This makes it a complete protein and is more beneficial for muscle growth and post workout recovery.

Superior Taste & Texture

Unlike rice protein, pea protein doesn't leave a gritty, chalky aftertaste in your mouth. It's known for having a neutral taste that is easy mixable in many types of liquids.

More Protein Per Serving

The only plant-protein that compares to animal proteins like whey. This helps you increase and sustain energy.

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