Webinar- A Skin Routine for Life After Quarantine


Join PlantFusion and Jennifer Cooper, a leading expert in the development of scientifically backed wellness products, as she shares industry secrets on the best way to reverse skin-damaging impacts of a difficult year, and how PlantFusion plant-based collagen builders can be part of a routine for radiant, youthful-looking skin.

Things you’ll learn:

  • What is maskne, and how has it impacted your skin?
  • How your body builds collagen and what you can do to fuel that process.
  • Topicals vs ingestibles - what's more effective? 
  • The best ingredients for building collagen, boosting elasticity, and reducing wrinkles. 

Featured speakers:

Jennifer Cooper, Chief Science Officer

Ms. Cooper has spent over 25 years in consumer healthcare, including supplement, food and over-the-counter drug companies. She has held senior science roles at companies in the US and Europe. She has consulted on products and business development projects in North America, Europe, Mexico and Asia and has lectured all over the world at supplement and drug conferences. Ms. Cooper’s consulting work includes several Fortune 500 and multinational healthcare corporations, and she has developed over 300 new and innovative products in more than a dozen countries.