Collagen Beauty - Vegan Collagen Peptides for Glowing Skin

Advanced blend of plant peptides and botanicals designed to promote more radiant and luminous skin.
A vegan collagen beauty enhancer with clinically-tested ingredients shown to increase skin smoothness, elasticity, and hydration.


PlantFusion Collagen Beauty Beautiful skin and healthier aging are not improved by consuming highly processed animal collagen peptide supplements, but rather by nourishing your body’s own natural collagen building processes. PlantFusion Complete Plant Peptides Collagen Beauty is a plant-based collagen builder that goes beyond ordinary animal collagen supplements with a series of patented and/or trademarked ingredients shown to boost natural collagen building from within. Collagen Beauty vegan collagen supplement can be incorporated into any anti-aging beauty routine for the best collagen benefits - not only build new collagen, but protect existing collagen and promote healthy skin and joints. And if it’s from PlantFusion, you can be sure that it is 100% plant-based, Non-GMO, vegan collagen building ingredients.


  • Build Collagen Protein – protein peptides from plants, plus Saberry® amla fruit extract which stimulates the collagen and elastin building cells in the skin and joints.
  • Hydrate Skin & Joints – with plant-based oils called “ceramides”. Ceramides make up the oils that keep the natural collagen in your skin looking fresh and vibrant.
  • Protect Natural Collagen – plant-based extracts of white tea and hyaluronic acid protect natural collagen in your skin from toxins and harmful rays from the sun.
  • Clean Certified Collagen – zero sugar, gluten free, plant-based collagen supplement. Both vegan and Non-GMO certified collagen. Completely clean and free from major allergens, artificial flavors and colors.
  • The Best Tasting Collagen - our Flavor Pure™ blend of natural flavors and light sweeteners allows us to consistently rank as one of the best tasting collagen supplements by consumers.
➤ Learn More About the Benefits of Plant-Based Collagen in Our Ultimate Guide to Plant-Based Collagen Building

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews

It tastes BOMb! I love ittt

Elegant dessert!!

delicious collagen! good composition!! many full elements. Easily dissolves. The skin became clearer. Even my knees stopped cracking. I feel so much better!!

Faith Pembleton
collagen beauty

Not sure it does anything but figured it can't hurt. Adding it to my Plantfusion protein powder shake every morning.

Really like!

My favorite way to use this product is to use it as flavor for my plain Greek yogurt!

Cynthia Jackson
Bland flavor

Very bland in just water, but OK mixed in my smoothie.