7 Holiday Eating Survival Tips

The holiday season is upon us and excitement fills the air while our lives become busier with all sorts of parties and gatherings to celebrate this special time of year.  As the inevitable stress and chaos consumes our consciousness, there’s certainly no shortage of food to comfort you - at home, in the office, visiting friends.  Not just any food either.  We’re talking the ultra-high calorie holiday kind of food!   Sure, you want to have fun, enjoy the food, and celebrate with the people you care about most.  But you don’t want to fall down into that Holiday Diet Hole.  Trust me, we get it.  That’s why we put together a short list of holiday health hacks to help you.

So go ahead the treat yourself!  But try out these seven simple tips and tricks and take charge of your eating habits so that you feel better than ever throughout the holiday season!

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  1. Don’t fast before the feast – fasting sets you up for sugar and insulin spiking making you feel weak and tired, as well as a prelude for strong cravings of sweets and binge eating later on. Have a high protein breakfast for nourishment and to avoid overeating later. Try using this recipe to start your day!
  2. Stay hydrated – drink plenty of water to help keep you full and aid in digestion. Plus, this will be helpful in avoiding a holiday hangover if you are to consume any alcoholic beverages
  3. Keep your hands full - while appetizers are out – not full of food, that is. By holding water or a beverage in one hand and a camera or phone in the other, this trick will help you from continuous eating. It also gives you time to digest what you already have eaten.
  4. Eat your fruits & veggies first – get these out of the way by eating them first at mealtime which helps you feel satiated. Better yet, bring a fresh veggie tray with healthy spinach dip as an appetizer so you know you’ll be able to nibble healthily
  5. Stake out your options – if you’re eating buffet style, check out the options before grabbing a plate so you can plan which foods to take. This can also help with portion control, as you don’t overdo it by adding too much to your plate early on in the buffet line. Bonus tip: let others get in line before you to lessen over-indulgence!
  6. Portion control – don’t fool yourself, smaller portions create less stomach upset and less bloating. Try using a smaller plate for your main meal or use the size of your palm as a perfect portion size for protein and carbohydrate foods
  7. 30 second rule – count to 30 before getting up for a second plate! Leftovers will still be there, but is your appetite still there? Give yourself time to let your stomach and brain communicate. Don’t lie to yourself when you know you’ve had enough food!

And never underestimate the power of a quick shake in between meals!

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